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This course is to bring information about the importance of sleep and how it relates to the “airway.” Most people don’t realize the true importance of sleep or how their airway may be impacting them. So many people, roughly 30,000,000 Americans have an airway issue, 75% of those unknowingly. Join us in this course to learn more about sleep and the human airway, and how to unlock your potential.

In this course you will be able to:

    • To understand the fundamentals of airway and sleep related breathing disorders
    • To explore the health, social, and cultural impacts of airway and sleep
    • To determine if the student is someone who considers themselves “at risk”
    • Gain actionable steps and clear guidelines for individuals to pursue understanding and clarity as it relates to their own health

At the end of this course you will confidently know how to move forward with habits and knowledge that allow them to live confidently, with energy, and drive to make decisions to better themselves

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