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Our Company

Awaken2Sleep is a company that is driven to being effective change through dental and medical providers across the US. Our mission to bring about change by putting patients first through education and empowerment to take control of their lives and health.

This platform is designed to educate and bring awareness to an often overlooked condition. Patient’s all over are suffering (often loudly and at the expense of their spouses) unknowingly and it due to a lack of awareness. In this platform you can learn about sleep, airway, and sleep related breathing disorders; you will be able to understand the impact as well as what you can do as someone who is afflicted or just learning!

Dentists have a unique opportunity to have a lasting impact in their patient’s lives. Due to factors such as the frequency that they see patients, intraoral complications of airway disorders, and FDA guidelines for treatment; dentist can and should be involved in the screening and treatment of airway disorders. Sleep Hero Network is a platform for educating and empowering dental teams to help these patients and support their needs as they implement Dental Sleep Medicine.